2019 Candidates To File


The 2019 qualifying period is open through Friday, March 1.  Below is a current list of Republican candidates who have filed to run for office with the Mississippi Republican Party.  An updated list will be posted  each Friday afternoon until the qualifying period is closed.  For information regarding qualifications and fees for Mississippi candidates, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.



Tate Reeves

Robert Foster


Lieutenant Governor

Shane Quick


Secretary of State

Michael Watson



Eugene S. “Buck” Clarke


Attorney General

Lynn Fitch

Mark Baker



Shad White


Insurance Commissioner

Mike Chaney

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

Andy Gipson


Transportation Commissioner 

Ricky Pennington, Jr., Central District

Tom King, Southern District


Public Service Commissioner

Brent Bailey, Central District


State Senate

Chris Massey,  District 1

David Parker,  District 2

Jeff Olson,  District 3

Lamar Walker,  District 4

Rita Parks,  District 4

Daniel H. Sparks, District 5

Patrick Eaton,  District 5

Chad McMahan, District 6

Stephen Scott Griffin, District 8

Nicole Boyd,  District 9

Neil Whaley,  District 10

Lydia Chassanoil,  District 14

Gary Jackson, District 15

Charles “Chuck” Younger,  District 17

Jenifer Branning, District 18

Josh Harkins,  District 20

Walter Michel, District 25

Dean Kirby,  District 30

Tyler McCaughn, District 31

Jeff Tate,  District 33

Chris Caughman, District 35

Melanie Sojourner,  District 37

Milt Burris, District 37

Elizabeth Brown,  District 39

Josh Davis, District 39

Sally Doty, District 39

Angela Hill,  District 40

Joey Fillingane,  District 41

Dennis DeBar, Jr.,  District 43

John Polk,   District 44

Chris Johnson,  District 45

Blaine LaFontaine,  District 46

Philip Moran,  District 46

Mike Seymour,  District 47

Jason Boyd,  District 48

Joel Carter, Jr.,  District 49

Butch Loper,  District 51

Doug Adams,  District 51

Jeremy England,  District 51


State House

Lester “Bubba” Eugene Carpenter,  District 1

DuJuana Frazier,  District 2

William Tracy Arnold,  District 3

Joseph F. “Jody” Steverson,  District 4

Dana Criswell,  District 6

Steve Hopkins,  District 7

Trey Lamar,  District 8

Brady Williamson,  District 10

Steve Massengill,  District 13

Mac Huddleston,  District 15

Shane Aguirre,  District 17

Jerry R. Turner,  District 18

Randy Boyd,  District 19

Chris Brown,  District 20

Donnie Thomas Bell,  District 21

Charles Jim Beckett,  District 23

Jeff Hale,  District 24

Dan Eubanks,  District 25

Randy Denton,  District 25

Joey Hood,  District 35

Gary Chism,  District 37

Jeffrey “Jeff” Smith,  District 39

Ashley Henley,  District 40

C. Scott Bounds,  District 44

Karl Oliver,  District 46

Dana A. Gwin,  District 48

Jason White,  District 48

Bill Kinkade,  District 52

Vince Mangold,  District 53

Kevin Ford,  District 54

Philip Gunn,  District 56

Bruce Bartley,  District 58 

Joel Bomgar,  District 58

Brent Powell,  District 59

Fred Shanks,  District 60

Gene Newman,  District 61

Randall Stephens,  District 61

Tom Weathersby,  District 62

Bill Denny,  District 64

Jill Ford,  District 73

Johnny Black,  District 73

Billy Brown,  District 74

Lee Yancey,  District 74

Vance Cox,  District 75

Price Wallace,  District 77

Randall “Randy” Rushing,  District 78

Mark K. Tullos,  District 79

Stephen Horne,  District 81

Billy Adam Calvert,  District 83

Greg Snowden,  District 83

Troy Smith,  District 84

William E. Shirley, Jr.,  District 84

Shane Barnett,  District 86

Christopher S. Hodge,  District 88

Gary Staples,  District 88

Donnie Scoggin,  District 89

Noah Sanford,  District 90

Becky Currie,  District 92

Timmy Ladner,  District 93

Nancy Depreo,  District 95

Patricia H. Willis,  District 95

Sam C. Mims, V,  District 97

Bill Pigott,  District 99

Ken Morgan,  District 100

Steven Utroska,  District 101

Missy W. McGee,  District 102

Larry Byrd,  District 104

Roun McNeal,  District 105

Jansen Owen,  District 106

John Glen Corley,  District 106

Stacey Wilkes,  District 108

Manly Barton,  District 109

Charles Busby,  District 111

John Read,  District 112

Jeffrey “Jeff” S. Guice,  District 114

Randall Patterson,  District 115

Casey Eure,  District 116

Kevin W. Felsher,  District 117

Greg Haney,  District 118

Richard Brian Bennett,  District 120

Carolyn Crawford,  District 121


District Attorney 

John Weddle,  District 1

Joel Smith,  District 2

Steven S. Kilgore,  District 8

Kassie Coleman,  District 10

Joe Robert “Joey” Norton IV,  District 14

Hal Kittrell,  District 15

Angel Myers McIlrath,  District 19

John K. “Bubba” Bramlett,  District 20


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