A Closer Look at Obamacare and Its Affect On Mississippians

Fact Sheet: A Closer Look at Obamacare and Its Affect On Mississippians

– Over the next decade, Obamacare will add more than 360,000 Mississippians to Medicaid rolls, meaning one-in-three residents will participate in the state’s Medicaid program. This will cost taxpayers between $225-$250 million per year from 2014 through 2020, rising to $443 million in 2020 alone. The total cost over the next decade will be $1.7 billion.

– Healthcare is now more expensive under Obamacare. The average cost of a family insurance policy increased by 9 percent last year while single employee coverage increased by 8 percent.

– Government spending will increase at an alarming rate. Spending on Social Security and health care programs will grow faster than nominal GDP by 2013, while Medicaid spending will double in 10 years. Obamacare will cost the federal government $1.76 trillion over the next 10 years, and that doesn’t include the additional costs Mississippi, as well as other states, will have to incur.

– Obamacare continues to hurt our economy with new mandates and regulations that put added costs on struggling businesses and job creators. It will also make it harder for businesses to hire new workers and grow the economy.

– Healthcare choices for Mississippians will be more limited while also having less say in their own healthcare.

See our statement on the two-year anniversary of President Obama signing the healthcare legislation into law here.

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