GOP Declares Victory: Majorities in House & Senate

Republicans Declare Victory:
Majorities in House and Senate,
Public Service and Transportation Commissions


Republicans will have majorities in the State Legislature for the first time
since the 1870s; GOP has 2-1 majority on Public Service Commission
and 3-0 majority on Transportation Commisssion


JACKSON – The Mississippi Republican Party has issued a statement declaring victory in the race for a majority in the State House and State Senate, as well as the Public Service and Transportation Commissions.

“Republicans made history in Mississippi yesterday, electing majorities in the House and Senate for the first time in 140 years,” said Arnie Hederman, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. “While some races have yet to be called and our majority could still grow by a few seats, the outstanding ballots cannot change the fact that Republicans will hold a majority of seats in the House and will have expanded its majority in the Senate.”

In the House, Republicans Gene Alday, Randy Boyd, Chris Brown, Tommy Taylor, Carolyn Crawford, Doug McLeod, Timmy Ladner, Tracy Arnold, Nolan Mettetal, Steve Massengill, and Dennis DeBar have all received enough votes to ensure that outstanding ballots will not alter their victories.

Republicans Charles Busby also led his race for the Mississippi House, with only affidavit ballots yet to be counted.

In the Senate, Republicans Phillip Gandy, Melanie Sojourner, Phillip Moran, and Rita Parks have all received enough votes to secure their victories.

“Republicans also secured important majorities on the Public Service and Transportation Commissions,” Hederman added. “With Republicans Mike Tagert, Dick Hall, and Tom King on our state’s Transportation Commission, and Republicans Lynn Posey and Leonard Bentz on our Public Service Commission, Mississippi conservatives can be confident that they are well-represented in these important bodies.”

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