Help The MSGOP Defeat Obama

Join our 1000-100-1 campaign! Be part of 1,000 people donating $100 to the Mississippi Republican Party with 1 goal in mind—to win in November!

In less than four months, we have the opportunity to change the direction of our country by putting an end to the Obama presidency. The reality is that this election is going to be close. The Obama campaign is well-funded and highly-organized.

Every state matters, and every vote counts.

That is why we are starting a new initiative to ask 1,000 people to each donate $100 to make sure we have the resources needed to be successful on Election Day.

With 1,000 people donating $100 each with 1 shared mission, I know we can launch a great campaign to win in Mississippi and ensure a victory for a Republican President–Mitt Romney.

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Clearly, this is the most important presidential election in our lifetime because the stakes are so high. Out-of-control spending, mounting national debt, misguided foreign policy, reckless bailouts…and the list goes on of failed policies from President Obama’s four years in office.

And just a few weeks ago, with a 5-4 decision handed down, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a majority of the components of the legislation we all know as “Obamacare” which amounts to a government takeover of health care in America. Now, the only way to stop Obamacare–which could literally bankrupt states like Mississippi–is to defeat Barack Obama in this election.

I am asking you to please join me on a mission to make sure Mississippi turns out a big vote for Mitt Romney to win on November 6. The Mississippi Republican Party is going to be even more active in the coming four months to make sure we do everything possible to win the presidential election, and that is why I need your help today.

We are opening a Mitt Romney for President campaign office at our Republican headquarters that will provide grassroots support to help us spread the message with door-to-door campaigning, signs, emails, phone calls and other outreach activities all across Mississippi. Your $100 donation will enable us to make this happen and to keep our Party strong and effective heading into this election.

Please click here to support the mission.

Please join us in our mission to defeat President Barack Obama by being part of 1,000 people who are donating $100 each with 1 shared mission–to win in November! I hope you will reply today by filling out, detaching and mailing in the reply card below so together we can make a difference for our country. Please be sure to include your email address so I can keep you updated on campaign news and events.

Thank you for your help and support of the Mississippi Republican Party.


Joe Nosef, Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party

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