ICYMI: Unemployment Up, But MS Dems Want $87M More

In Case You Missed It:
National Unemployment Up To 9.2%,
MS Dems Call For $87M In New Programs &
Rolling Back Medicaid Cost-Savings


JACKSON – The U.S. Department of Labor released new unemployment figures today, showing that unemployment rose to 9.2 percent nationwide. Over 14 million Americans are out of work, and average hourly wages declined this month. (“Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.2 Percent in June as Hiring Stalls,” Associated Press, July 8 2011)

The economy that President Obama has failed to improve weighs heavily on the minds of Mississippi’s voters, but apparently not on the Democrats’ major candidates for Governor.

At a debate this week, Johnny DuPree, the Democrat mayor of Hattiesburg, proposed $87 million in new state government programs. Without proposing corresponding cuts, the Democrats’ new state government programs will require some kind of tax increase in order to keep our budget in balance. (“Foes question sign-up process for Medicaid,” Emily Wagster Pettus, Associated Press, July 7 2011)

DuPree and his opponent in the Democrat primary, Bill Luckett, agreed that Mississippi should roll back the cost-saving Medicaid reforms championed by Governor Haley Barbour and conservatives in the legislature. Mississippi taxpayers save money by requiring those on Medicaid to renew each year in person rather than by mail. Luckett and DuPree want to go backwards, even though DuPree admitted, “I know there are some people that are on Medicaid that are probably taking the system.”

Mississippi’s health care costs will skyrocket in 2014 when President Obama’s health care program will require the state to provide Medicaid to families making nearly $20,000 per year. (“Medicaid remains time bomb for new officials,” Sid Salter, DeSoto Times Tribune, July 6 2011)

If Mississippi Democrats have their way, they will make it easier for people to commit Medicaid fraud at the same time that Democrats in Washington D.C. are requiring Mississippi taxpayers to foot the health care bill for up to two-thirds of the state’s population.

The record is clear: the Democrats’ proposals mean health care costs will continue to rise out of control, and Mississippi’s seniors will struggle to get the care they need.

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