MSGOP Statement On The Three Year Stimulus Anniversary

Mississippi Republican Party Statement On The Three Year Anniversary Of The Obama Stimulus Bill

JACKSON- Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef released the following statement on the third anniversary of President Obama signing the failed federal stimulus bill into law:

“Three years after President Obama signed his massive stimulus spending bill into law, it’s clear that even by the president’s own standards, the bill has been a failure. Three years ago, the president promised that spending $825 billion in taxpayers’ money would keep unemployment below 8 percent and create 3.5 million new jobs. But since that time, we’ve lost one million jobs while the unemployment rate has stayed above 8 percent for a record length of time. While Mississippians demand a more responsible and effective government, the president has outlined a budget that calls for even more spending and even more new taxes. It’s time for new leadership in Washington that can keep spending under control and actually improve our economy, not another four years of failed liberal policies and economic hardship.”

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