MSGOP Update Jan 24th

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The MSGOP would like to praise our Republican leaders as the Public Charter School Act of 2013 continues its path toward completion. After ten plus hours of debate, the State House of Representatives voted and passed the bill around 1am this morning. The Act was passed in the State Senate just last week.  Its passage in the House brings Public Charter Schools one step closer to being signed by Governor Phil Bryant.

Speaker Phillip Gunn shared his enthusiasm on the passage of bill:

“I couldn’t be prouder of our members today,” said Speaker Gunn.  “Passing bipartisan public charter school legislation is the first step in reforming Mississippi’s education system. Parents deserve more choices with regards to their student’s education.”
Thanks to the hard work of your Republican elected officials, public charter schools will give parents more opportunities when it comes to educating their children.

On a national level, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the No Budget No Pay Bill, which prevents the Congress from receiving a paycheck unless a budget is passed by April 15th, 2013. All three of your Mississippi Republican Congressmen voted in favor of the bill.

Congressman Gregg Harper explained the importance of making sure a budget is passed:

“Passing a budget is not only a fundamental duty of governing; it is a constitutionally-mandated responsibility. Even so, the Senate has not written a budget since 2009 as the Democratic majority leader has attempted to guard his members from taking tough votes,” Spoke Congressman Harper.

Congressman Alan Nunnelee also shared his thoughts on the bill:

“At a time when so many Americans are hurting, out of work, or being hit with increased taxes due to the fiscal cliff deal and Obamacare, the least Congress can do is pass a budget explaining its spending priorities to the American people.  Our plan will balance the budget within 10 years,” stated Congressman Nunnelee.

Congressman Steven Palazzo also emphasized the importance of No Budget No Pay:

“Every single one of those budgets went to die in the Senate while the government ran up trillion-dollar deficits.  This failure to lead has made our debt problem worse and should not be rewarded.  It must end today with No Budget, No Pay,” Said Congressman Palazzo.

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Executive Director

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