MSGOP Update, Jan 29th

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In today’s update we cover a range of topics. Both State and National issues are discussed, including Second Amendment concerns, financial literacy and President Obama’s recent run-in with a federal appeals court.

Obama Denied

Late last week the Obama Administration was dealt a blow by a federal appeals court. The court ruled that President Obama’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional and that he abused his powers when he acted while the Senate was not actually in recess. “Allowing the president to define the scope of his own appointments power would eviscerate the Constitution’s separation of powers,” the judges said in their opinion. Calling Obama’s attempt to circumvent the Constitution a “huge, massive overstep of executive power,” U.S. Senator Roger Wicker spoke to Fox News on the issue:


U.S. Senator Roger Wicker

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Governor Bryant Provides Update

Yesterday, Governor Bryant was a guest on SuperTalk Radio. The topics discussed included, education reform, healthcare, job growth, and more. Click HERE to listen to the interview. (view the January 28th archive)


Treasurer Lynn Fitch Promotes Financial Literacy

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch is championing a financial literacy agenda that will implement related curriclum into Mississippi schools (grades 10-12). The program she is promoting includes instruction in the areas of personal business finance. This will include topics such as financial decision making, earning an income, saving and spending, use of credit, and budgeting. Financial literacy is currently an elective in Mississippi high schools. Presently Mississippi law states that schools MAY teach their students financial literacy. The bill proposed by Treasurer Fitch would state that schools SHALL teach the curriculum. The bill numbers are HB 637 and SB 2713.


State Treasurer Lynn Fitch


Second Amendment Issues

This afternoon a bill sponsored by State Representative Mark Baker passed the House with overwhelming support. House Bill 485 will keep the information of gun permit owners exempt from the public record. This comes at an important time, as the trend for newspapers to release gun owner information, is rampant. Your Republican leaders believe your right to bear arms is a private matter. Senator Will Longwitz, who will author and push the bill in the Senate, shared his view on the matter.

“When you apply for conceal-carry permits here, your name and information are public for 45 days. In the information age, that’s forever. Criminals can use that information to target you, and anti-gun groups have already promised to reveal all public gun information, state-by-state. There is no reason we should face this risk. A simple change can protect gun owners from becoming victims. Exempting conceal-carry permit information from public records law will keep private information private. It’s a simple fact: people should not become targets simply for trying to defend themselves,” Said Sen. Longwitz. House Bill 485 can be viewed HERE.

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