No Budget – No Pay


On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the No Budget No Pay Bill which prevents Congress from receiving a paycheck unless a budget is passed by April 15th, 2013. All three of your Mississippi Republican Congressmen voted in favor of the bill.

Congressman Nunnelee:

Incredibly, for four years the Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget. In those four years, we have gone from $12 trillion to over $16 trillion in debt. Their failure has left the House and the Republican Senate minority as the only people in D.C. trying to solve our debt problem.

At a time when so many Americans are hurting, out of work, or being hit with increased taxes due to the fiscal cliff deal and Obamacare, the least Congress can do is pass a budget explaining its spending priorities to the American people. Our plan will balance the budget within 10 years.

Out of control spending cannot be solved by one chamber, and in an era of divided government, it cannot be solved by one party. No Budget, No Pay is an effort to convince the Democrat-controlled Senate to join us in doing the work we were sent here to do.

Congressman Harper:

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill today to withhold member pay for any chamber that fails to pass a budget by April 15, 2013. If agreed to by the U.S. Senate and signed by the president, this plan would also temporarily delay the impending debt-ceiling crisis.

Passing a budget is not only a fundamental duty of governing, it is a constitutionally-mandated responsibility. Even so, the Senate has not written a budget since 2009 as the Democratic majority leader has attempted to guard his members from taking tough votes.

The no budget, no pay portion of this bill was written specifically to ensure that it complies with the 27th Amendment. The legislation does not vary the amount of compensation. It only changes when representatives and senators are paid if they fail to adopt a budget resolution as required by law.

Currently, representatives are paid monthly and senators are paid twice a month. This bill simply says if a chamber does not adopt a budget resolution the members of that body instead get paid at the end of the Congress.

Over the last several years, the House has advanced budget blueprints that address the United States’ long-term financial needs. These resolutions reduce spending, reform our outdated tax code and remove regulatory burdens that cripple our small businesses.

Congressman Palazzo:

Since I first came to Congress in 2011, the House has passed budget after responsible budget,” Palazzo stated. “Every single one of those budgets went to die in the Senate while the government ran up trillion-dollar deficits. This failure to lead has made our debt problem worse and should not be rewarded. It must end today with No Budget, No Pay.

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