Sen. Deborah Dawkins Fails, Again, To File Required Reports

Sen. Deborah Dawkins (D-48th) Fails Again
To File Required Campaign Finance Reports


Taxpayers have given Dawkins nearly $190,000
since 2008 in pay and expenses; now she flaunts the law


JACKSON – Senator Deborah Dawkins, who according to the Mississippi State Auditor’s reports has been paid nearly $190,000 in taxpayer dollars for salary and expenses since 2008, has failed yet again to file mandatory campaign finance reports.

Dawkins failed to file her most recent report, due on Friday, July 8th, but that’s not all. Dawkins also failed to file her report at the beginning of June, and in fact has not filed a campaign finance report since January 31, 2010.

Last month, Dawkins told Elizabeth Crisp, reporter with The Clarion-Ledger, on June 15th that “she is looking for a new treasurer to handle her campaign finance and her report will be turned in by the end of the 10-day grace period.” Dawkins still has not filed that report with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office.
(“Dozens miss campaign finance report deadline,” Elizabeth Crisp, The Clarion-Ledger, June 15 2011)

Ashley Skellie, Republican candidate for Mississippi Senate District 48, released the following statement on Dawkins’ repeated failure to follow the law with regards to her campaign finances: “Mississippians expect our leaders to follow the laws they have sworn to protect. Taxpayers have given Deborah Dawkins nearly $190,000 in pay and expenses since 2008, yet she has failed to report her own campaign finances since January 2010. Deborah Dawkins is missing in action, and Harrison County deserves better.”

In coordination with Ashley Skellie, candidate for Mississippi Senate District 48.

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