Special Message From Chairman Joe Nosef

Fellow Republican,

What a victory! Republicans defied all odds on November 8. We won back the White House with Donald J. Trump as President-elect and Mike Pence as Vice President-elect, retained control of both houses of Congress, grew our super majorities in governor’s mansions across the country, and expanded Republican control of state legislative chambers in every corner of America. Voters made clear they want Republicans to take the country in a bold new direction, and we will.

Now that we’ve had time to enjoy this incredible victory, we wanted to take this opportunity make clear the reason we succeeded: its because of you!

From Governor Bryant’s involvement as an important surrogate speaker on the campaign trail, to the countless Mississippians who made phone calls, tirelessly worked in Florida and New Hampshire, and donated the essential resources needed to defeat the Clinton Machine — THANK YOU. It’s because of the hard work of patriots like you that this huge Republican victory was made possible.

Also, despite the fact that the mainstream media hoped for a fractured and defeated GOP, the electoral college map of President-elect Trump’s victory proves how unified we are as a Party. Maintaining this unity is more important than ever to our success as we move from campaigning to governing with a Republican Congress firmly in place and a Republican in the White House.

We live in the greatest nation on earth. Thank you for standing with Donald J. Trump and the Republican ticket. It is a true testament to what can be accomplished when our Party comes together.


Joe Nosef
Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party

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