The Taxman Cometh

Each year on April 15th we are reminded of just how much of our hard-earned money is sent to Washington, D.C. and spent by federal bureaucrats. April 15th also now reminds us of how badly Obamacare needs to be repealed.

Our state Party platform effectively communicates the Republican view on taxes. It provides:

  • Mississippi Republicans believe that people, not government, know best how to spend their own money. When people keep more of their hard-earned money, jobs and economic growth will flourish in the free market system.
  • Mississippi Republicans support the reduction of the tax burden on our citizens. We believe our tax burden is too high, our tax code too complicated, and our tax system inefficient.
  • We believe in the reduction of taxes to empower taxpayers, to create a more competitive environment for job creation, to incentivize work, entrepreneurship, and investment, and to prevent the excessive growth of government.
  • We support a comprehensive overhaul of our federal tax code to address the problems of the current system, to stimulate economic growth and to establish a firm, fair and equitable foundation for collecting revenues to pay for essential government services.
  • We support eliminating the three-fifths super-majority requirement to reduce taxes, which would allow a simple majority in our legislature to lessen government’s burden on taxpayers.

Last month, Mississippi Democrats in the state House voted almost unanimously to kill a $555 million tax relief plan backed by Republicans leaders. The Republican tax relief plan would have, among other things: eliminated the 3 percent and 4 percent tax brackets levied on income, reduced the overall tax burden on small business owners, and removed the investment penalty, or franchise tax, on businesses’ property and capital. Eliminating the franchise tax alone would have grown the state’s GDP by $282 million and added 3,514 jobs within 10 years, according to a Mississippi State University study.

NOW is the time for Republicans in Mississippi to unite and replace these Democrats in the elections this fall. Let’s not let another Tax Day pass without doing something to help elect Republicans who will give Mississippi taxpayers and small business owners more of their own money back to them and attract job creators to our state. Visit to contribute and sign up to be a part of our Victory 2015 team.


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