There They Go Again! (Vol. 3)

Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential race, an email series keeping tabs on erroneous, preposterous, and/or deceptive statements uttered by out-of-touch Mississippi Democrats in an election year.

__________________________________________________________________ may get a lot of traffic from Mississippi voters this election year, as Democrats continue to play loose with the facts about the Republican record. Before too long, the Democrats will be telling people if they contribute a certain amount, a Nigerian prince will match the contribution if you divulge your bank account information for a wire transfer.

At any rate, that the Democrat election year strategy is to obfuscate the facts should come as no surprise, considering the Republican record of success over the last four years and the Party of Obama being so out of touch with everyday Mississippians.

The latest Democrat to play loose with the facts is Vicki Slater, Democrat candidate for Governor. In a recent fundraising letter, Ms. Slater claimed that Gov. Phil Bryant has “turn[ed] his back” on oyster fisherman on the coast in favor of using BP settlement money to help build Biloxi’s new minor league baseball stadium.

What Ms. Slater conveniently failed to mention in her letter, however, is that earlier this year, Gov. Bryant established by executive order the Oyster Restoration and Resiliency Council, a group of citizens, scientists and seafood industry leaders, representing a variety of interests and disciplines. The Governor’s Oyster Council and its subcommittees have been meeting since February, and just last month released one of the most comprehensive reports on oyster fisherman ever, giving the state a plan of action to protect this vital industry for decades to come.

So yes, Ms. Slater, Governor Bryant did help negotiate a settlement with BP to the tune of nearly $2.2 billion for Mississippi. And yes, BP settlement funds were used to help construct a major regional asset in the form of the baseball stadium, which the Gulf Coast Business Council’s research foundation estimates will spur an additional $10 million annually in visitor spending on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. But, no, Governor Bryant has not “turned his back” on oyster fishermen. And you should quit turning your back on the facts.


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