Bryant Proposes Fiscally Sound Budget

Bryant Proposes Fiscally Sound Budget

JACKSON- Today, Gov. Phil Bryant released his Executive Budget Recommendation where he offered a balanced budget for the 2013 fiscal year which includes no new taxes, no planned deficits, reduces dependency on one-time monies, and sets aside two-percent of the state’s revenue for the “rainy day” fund.

“I applaud Gov. Bryant for releasing a budget that is fiscally responsible while serving the needs of Mississippi residents,” Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party remarked. “In these uncertain times, it is critical that our leaders continue to handle the taxpayers’ money in a sensible manner. It would be disastrous to think of raising taxes as our economy is slowly beginning to turnaround, and the taxpayers expect the government to do what they have been doing- tightening our belts and cutting back. That is what Gov. Bryant has done.”

Key points of Bryant’s proposed budget include:

– Recommendations are based on a $5.49 billion state budget for fiscal 2013 and include $4.56 billion in projected General Fund revenue

– Level funding for MAEP using $1.95 billion in state funds and $72.9 million in local reserve funds

– Medicaid appropriation is level to FY12 at $763 million

– A 5.53 percent cut to all state agencies with the exception of court-ordered settlements, debt service, Mississippi Highway Patrol, Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy, Military Department, Veteran Affairs Board, District Attorneys, Mississippi Department of Corrections, Student Financial Aid, Board Certified Teacher Program and Mississippi Adequate Education Program. The Mississippi Development Authority and the Department of Human Services would receive smaller cuts.

– A 6.5 percent cut to the Governor’s Office and the Legislature

Bryant’s Executive Budget Recommendation is available for download at:


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