For The Record: House Committee Chairs

For The Record: Comparing Speaker Gunn’s and Speaker McCoy’s Committee Chairs

JACKSON- On January 20, Speaker Philip Gunn, the first Republican Speaker of the House since Reconstruction, released his choices for committee chairs along with committee assignments. All totaled, the Republican Speaker gave Democrats one-quarter of the committee chairs and more than half of the vice-chairs.

Under Speaker Gunn’s new style of leadership, Democrats have received 10 committee chairs and 22 vice-chairs. This contrasts with Speaker McCoy who appointed zero Republicans to chair a committee and just 12 to serve as vice-chair.

Speaker Gunn’s committee chair selections clearly show his commitment to conservative principles including a new spirit of fairness that is in sharp contrast to the previous Speaker’s committee chair selections. Despite this new spirit of cooperation and working together, and in an effort to garner media attention, some Democrats continue to ignore the facts and claim otherwise.

For the record, here is a chart detailing members of the opposite party who received committee chairs under Speaker Gunn this year and under Billy McCoy after he won a second term as Speaker in 2008:

 Speaker Gunn  Speaker McCoy
 Agriculture- Preston Sullivan   NONE
 Corrections- George Flaggs   NONE
 Energy- Angela Cockerham   NONE
 Enrolled Bills- Earle Banks   NONE
 Ethics- Joe Gardner   NONE
 Investigate State Offices- Chuck Espy   NONE
 Local & Private- Joe Warren   NONE
 Municipalities- Ed Blackmon   NONE
 Transportation- Robert Johnson   NONE
 Youth & Family Affairs- John Hines   NONE


“Speaker Gunn was thoughtful and inclusive in naming committee chairs, vice-chairs, and assignments, while making sure he sticks to the conservative values he believes in,” said Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. “Speaker Gunn decided not to follow the path set by the previous Speaker, but instead selected the best person for the position even if that meant reaching across party lines.”

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