Lt. Gov. Reeves Unveils Legislative Agenda

Lt. Gov. Reeves Unveils Legislative Agenda

JACKSON- Today, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves released his legislative agenda for the 2012 session focusing on education reform, fiscal responsibility, and strengthening laws that will protect Mississippi’s children.

“Lt. Gov. Reeves should be commended for proposing a conservative legislative agenda targeting many of the significant issues facing our state,” said Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. “With conservative leaders like Lt. Gov. Reeves, Mississippi is well poised to come out of the national recession in very strong fashion and continue moving in the right direction.”

“Through eliminating government waste, responsible spending and new, innovative approaches to education and protecting our families, Mississippi will be prepared to emerge from this national economic slowdown even stronger than before,” Reeves said.

Highlights of Reeves’ agenda include:

– Passing a charter school law that would give parents a choice in their child’s education and combining school districts under conservatorship in Sunflower County

– Issuing less debt and requiring bond repayments to be applied to debt service

– Allowing state agencies to share services and reform purchasing practices for more efficient buying power

– Approving a child protection laws that better protects children from sexual and/or physical abuse and tightens abortion regulations

Lt. Gov. Reeves’ full agenda is available for view at

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