Mississippi Republicans Support Obamacare Repeal

Earlier today, the United States House of Representatives voted 244-185 in favor of H.R. 6079, the Repeal of Obamacare Act. Republicans Gregg Harper, Alan Nunnelee, and Steven Palazzo joined with the bi-partisan majority in support of repeal today.

“Everything that supporters of this law told us when they were passing it has turned out to be false,” Rep. Alan Nunnelee said. “They said if you like your health care plan you can keep it, it’s not a tax hike, insurance premiums will go down, it will not affect religious liberty, and the list goes on.

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“I disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling, but the majority opinion did note that it is not their job to say whether or not this is a good law.  I can answer that question for them: Obamacare is bad for freedom, bad for health care, and bad for job creation and that is why it must be repealed.”

“This vote represented the 33rd attempt by the Republican-led chamber to peel back all or a portion of this law, ” Rep. Gregg Harper said.

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“In the past, the president himself has claimed that this law’s individual mandate is not a tax. Yet, he’s now rallying behind the Supreme Court ruling that defined this requirement as just that – a tax. Look, I have little confidence that this far-reaching law would have ever advanced had the White House and Congressional Democrats united behind a tax mandate on every single American citizen.

“Let’s be clear: the Supreme Court ruled that this law is allowable, not that it is good policy nor that it will improve the delivery of care. This law is bad for patients and providers, it’s bad for individuals and employers, and it’s bad for states and jobs.”

“When the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the law as a tax, they weren’t saying it’s good policy,” Rep. Steven Palazzo stated.  “What the justices reaffirmed is that this is indeed a multibillion dollar tax, and that it is unconstitutional to force a massive Medicaid expansion upon states like Mississippi who cannot afford it.  The Supreme Court also reaffirmed for myself, my colleagues, and for millions upon millions of Americans that there is still a need to fully repeal this law.

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“With today’s vote, we are listening to the majority of the American people who do not want this law. And we are renewing our commitment to bring real, step-by-step solutions so that Americans have access to the care they need, from the doctor they choose, at a price they can afford.”

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