MSGOP Statements On Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential Choice

JACKSON- Governor Phil Bryant and Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef released the following statements on Governor Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential choice, Representative Paul Ryan:

“I applaud Governor Romney in choosing Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate,” Governor Phil Bryant said. “The Romney-Ryan ticket will work to defeat the failed policies of the Obama administration and continue to put forward fresh ideas on how to grow the economy and get spending under control. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have proven records of solving problems and will help bring America back to the greatness we all know it can be.”

“Paul Ryan is a terrific choice for a Vice Presidential selection,” Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party said. “For years, Representative Ryan has not only vigorously defended conservative principles but he has done it in an appealing, uplifting way. He also has exponentially more foreign policy experience than Barack Obama had when he ran for president. Americans have a clear choice in November: Do they stay with Barack Obama whose only chance to be reelected is to divide America, or do they choose Romney – Ryan and take our country back?”

“The Romney-Ryan team can win on November 6 and our Party will work tirelessly for the next three months to help achieve that goal,” Nosef added.

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