MSGOP Municipal Candidate Spotlight: Williams and Dobson

The Mississippi Republican Party has fielded candidates in more municipalities than ever before this election season, and we are proud to spotlight a few of these rising stars in the weeks ahead.


Our first Republican municipal Candidate in the Spotlight this week is George Williams, candidate for Bay St. Louis City Council Ward 1.

A Vietnam veteran, Mr. Williams has the experience, vision, and integrity that Bay St. Louis needs. He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Recreation Administration from Memphis State University and honorably served in the U.S. Air Force. He then went on to Mississippi State University as the State Community Development Specialist for Tourism and Recreation.

Mr. Williams was the Director of Tourism for the State of Mississippi and the State of Maryland, after which he worked for the Isle of Capri Corporation as the Director of Government Relations and Business Development.

Mr. Williams has a proven track record working across the aisle to build consensus and support for projects that create jobs and tax revenue for government at the local, state, and federal level.

“The economy in Bay St. Louis has not grown as fast as we need it to due to a lack of vision and planning,” Mr. Williams said. “As City Councilman, I will make the city a full partner with our business community and economic development partners. I will apply my experience in economic development to grow a healthy tourism industry to create more jobs and support for the tourism tax base. And, most importantly, I will challenge us to look beyond tourism to diversify our economic base to grow the best jobs for our citizens.”

Mr. Williams understands what it means to be a Mississippi Republican, someone who is willing to take on the mantle of leadership when his community needs positive change and who will lead with conservative principles in mind.

“I am a Republican because I am a Constitutionalist who believes in the tenets of less government, individual responsibility, and in God,” Mr. Williams said. “I am running for the City Council because I also believe we have a responsibility to serve when change is dictated by circumstances. In Bay St. Louis, it is time for change.”



Our second Republican municipal Candidate in the Spotlight is Shea Dobson, candidate for Mayor of Ocean Springs.

Mr. Dobson is a graduate of Ocean Springs High School and the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

After graduating from Southern Miss, Mr. Dobson worked with the National Association for Gun Rights where he helped fight for pro-gun legislation. He has also worked with Concerned American Voters, organizing for U.S. Senator Rand Paul, and with Americans for Prosperity, fighting against tax increases at the state level. Mr. Dobson currently works as a Financial Planner for Financial Design Associates.

The lack of consistent management and the increased divisiveness coming from the incumbent mayor’s office led Mr. Dobson to run. He believes the people of Ocean Springs would be better served with a more responsive, fiscally conservative approach leading the city’s day-to-day operations.

“I have seen my hometown become very divided and trust lost in the Mayor’s office,” Mr. Dobson said. “As governments and organizations are tightening their belt it is essential we have a Mayor who will keep our own house in order and work with the Board of Aldermen to cut waste. I will be a full-time Mayor with my door open to everyone, and I will represent our city responsibly and ethically.”

Mr. Dobson knows Ocean Springs will benefit and grow from having a change in political ideology in its next mayor.

“Over the years I have seen the importance of conservative ideals at the local level and I believe responsible spending and leadership is key to good government,” Mr. Dobson added. “As a Republican, I understand that community is best served when government allows businesses and residents to thrive and work instead of creating barriers to commerce.”

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