MSGOP Spotlights Vice Chair Ashley Skellie


Ashley’s love for our democratic republic started with the influence of her parents and one, depression-era child, World War II veteran grandfather. Her first example of Republican activism was in 1976. Ashley was the only person interested in going with her grandfather to hold up signs for President Gerald Ford as he made his way along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “I remember the president waving at us and I know he saw us — we were the only people holding up signs for at least a mile,” Skellie recalled.

Since Ashley’s teenage years, she has been involved in various aspects of the Republican Party. A true advocate for women’s involvement in politics and conservative activism, Skellie believes that women often have the greatest influence on their family members and friends, noting “when one woman sees another involved and leading the charge, others feel empowered to do the same.”

Ashley proudly credits her many notable political experiences to years of volunteering. From campaigning door-to-door on behalf of local Republican candidates to volunteering for national events, she has been afforded opportunities to meet a United States Vice President and well-known Members of Congress from across the nation. Her unwavering dedication to the Republican Party is a true testament to her beliefs in personal liberty and the Republican platform.

“I hope everyone will join with me as I rededicate myself to volunteering my time, energy and resources to securing that the MSGOP will continue to fight for conservative, American values,” said Skellie. “Please consider joining the United Republican Fund (URF)! If everyone joined at the lowest level, there will be no barriers to what we could accomplish right here at home!”

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