MSGOP Update, Feb 14th

Today’s update touches on the State of the Union Address, several Mississippi House bills and some information regarding municipal elections.


State of the Union Address

On Tuesday night, President Obama gave his fourth State of the Union Address. As is always the case, the President’s speech was short on solutions and long on liberal rhetoric. President Obama called for……wait for it……more spending rather than proposing ways to get the national debt under control. Obama claimed, “Nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime.” The reality is that the proposals championed by Obama and the Democrats have racked up multi-trillion dollar deficits.

We simply cannot continue the failed policies of the Democrats
and expect a different outcome.

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Fortunately, your MSGOP Congressional leaders in Washington will continue to fight for the conservative principles we all hold dear. Here are some of their thoughts on Tuesday’s State of the Union Address:


Senator Roger Wicker:

“The President had an opportunity in his State of the Union address to outline a plan to cut federal spending and put us on a fiscally-responsible path,” said Wicker. “Instead, the President’s call for even more tax increases is a step back from solving the problems we face. Bipartisan cooperation will be necessary to address the real drivers of federal spending – health care and entitlement programs. Unfortunately, the President missed an important opportunity.”


Senator Thad Cochran:

“I hope the President will commit to work with Congress in a straightforward manner to address the many challenges facing our country.  We need to focus the nation’s attention on the national debt and controlling federal spending.  For America to maintain its competitive strength in an increasingly global economy, we need to run our government in a steady way that encourages economic activity by providing certainty, stability, low taxes and less burdensome regulations.”


Congressman Alan Nunnelee:

“While the President’s rhetoric was at times soaring, it was also disappointing and disconnected from reality. Given that he just got $1.6 trillion in new taxes from the fiscal cliff and Obamacare, I was hoping he would focus on out of control spending. Until we get serious about our debt, we will not see sustained growth and job creation.”


Congressman Steven Palazzo:

“The American people have heard four previous addresses touching on a wide range of issues- from energy independence to economic growth and stability, job creation to debt reduction.  Yet, here we are, at the beginning of the president’s second term, our debt at more than $16 trillion and growing by the minute, unemployment at 7.9 percent, and a trend of negative economic growth. The president is once again late in delivering a budget, and the Senate has not passed a budget in four years. “


Congressman Gregg Harper:

“A true all-of-the-above energy approach must balance investments in renewable technologies with increases in domestic oil and natural gas production. By doing so, America can decrease its reliance on Middle Eastern oil, stabilize fuel prices and build a steady supply of American energy. Even more, our country can begin rebuilding our economy by building the Keystone XL pipeline, a shovel-ready project that the president failed to mention in his speech. The president has the authority to approve this project, and I urge him to do so now.”

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Mississippi House

The House passed HB 481 yesterday which, among other things, requires those convicted of a DUI to place an ignition interlock device in their car. This means that a car secured with the device will not start unless its driver breathes into the interlock device while sober. In addition, the House voted to increase the death benefit for Firefighters, Police officers and Emergency Management personnel from 65,000 to 100,000 dollars if killed in the line of duty.

Also passing was State Treasurer Lynn Fitch’s financial literacy bill – Treasurer Fitch shared her thoughts on the Bill’s passage. “House Bill 637 would make sure all Mississippi high school students in grades 10-12 graduate knowing how to write checks, budget, save, invest and other aspects of personal finance,” said Treasurer Fitch.

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch


Municipal Elections

The deadline to qualify to run in a municipal election is March 8th, and candidate recruitment is well underway. Due to the hard work of our MSGOP County Executive Committees, this year it will be possible for more Republicans to run for office in their municipalities than ever before. If you would like to run, or have the name of someone we should talk to about running, for Republican Municipal Executive Committee, mayor, alderman, city councilman, or police chief, please let us know by contacting J.D. Griffin


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As always, thank you for your support of our Party,

Brandon Payne
Executive Director

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