MSGOP Update, Feb 19th

Today’s update includes the Governor and First Lady’s efforts regarding the Pine Belt tornado recovery, passage of HR273, Congressman Alan Nunnelee and the House Budget Committee, and coverage of several Republican events around our state.


Salvation Army Food Drive

Last Friday, Governor Phil Bryant helped to fill food boxes for The Salvation Army as part of an aid drive benefiting the victims of the recent severe storms and tornadoes. Over the weekend, Governor Bryant and First Lady Deborah Bryant also assisted in distributing the items collected. For more info on how you can help visit the Salvation Army’s website HERE.

Gov. Phil Bryant Assisting with Relief Activities


Federal Pay Raise and Spending

Recently, The US House of Representatives passed HR273 which would eliminate the 2013 statutory pay increase for Congress, the Executive Branch and other federal employees. The legislation was in response to an executive order issued by President Obama creating a pay raise for non-military Federal employees.

“At a time when federal spending is out of control and far too many people are still struggling to find work, the government should not be giving itself a raise. The bill would save taxpayers $11 billion.” – Congressman Alan Nunnelee


Congressman Alan Nunnelee

Having just been appointed to the House Budget Committee, Congressman Alan Nunnelee released a newsletter on our government’s spending problem. “This week, at my first hearing as a member of the Budget Committee, we heard testimony from Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf. His remarks made clear what you and I know: we have an enormous spending problem,” said Nunnelee.

View what the CBO Director had to say HERE. View the rest of Congressman Nunnelee’s newsletter HERE.



For more than five decades, the United Republican Fund has served as the financial backbone of the Mississippi Republican Party. The success of the Mississippi Republican Party is built on the backs of the members of the URF. Learn how you can make a difference, and how you can join today and guarantee Republican success in Mississippi for years and decades to come.

“I hope you will join the Mississippi Republican Party’s United Republican Fund today. You can help make a real difference in promoting our conservative values—and keeping our Party strong. Your support is needed now to make sure Republicans are prepared for the future. Please join today.”

– Governor Phil Bryant


Why I’m a Member of the URF

“Please join me in becoming a member of the United Republican Fund. Membership in the URF is the most efficient and direct way to not only support but to spread conservative principals to all levels of government. Now more than ever, your generosity is needed to preserve the gains that have been made and to move forward to guarantee our State’s continued success!”  – State Representative Hank Zuber

“I contribute to URF because it is an additional force we can utilize to promote conservative principals. I do my part because there is strength in numbers. Although the donation is small, with multiple contributions it builds into something significant.  The result creates a major asset for our Party.”  – Roman Galey, SouthGroup Insurance.

“The United Republican Fund provides every Mississippi Republican with the opportunity to help strengthen the financial foundation of our party with a small monthly donation. Your participation is vital to support the operations and continued success of the Party going forward. Please join us today.” – Derek Arrington, Jackson & Arrington: MSGOP State Executive Committee


Click HERE for more info


Ladies for Lynn

Yesterday, State Treasurer Lynn Fitch had lunch with a large crowd of GOP women at “Table 100” in Flowood. TN Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn was the guest of honor.

Treasurer Lynn Fitch – MFRW President Nell Frisbie – TN Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn


“Ladies for Lynn”


Madison County’s Annual President’s Day Gala

Last night, The Madison County Republican Party held their Annual President’s Day Gala. Noted guest speakers were Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Governor Phil Bryant, Congressmen Gregg Harper and Alan Nunnelee, Treasurer Lynn Fitch, and MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef. We thank Madison County Chairman John Taylor and all our Madison County Republicans who made this event a big success. Visit our Facebook page for more photos of last night’s gala.




Tonight, Congressman Harper and Chairman Nosef will speak at the Noxubee Civic Center during the Noxubee/Kemper County President’s Day Dinner. The event starts at 6PM and tickets are $15.00 per person and $25.00 per couple. If you would like to attend, please contact Mary Allsup at (662) 726-4481.


Stay tuned for further updates via our website:, our Facebook page:, our Twitter pages: and and our email newsletter:

As always, thank you for your support of our Party,

Brandon Payne
Executive Director

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