Multiple County Officials Switch Parties

Multiple County Officials Switch Parties

JACKSON- Today, the Mississippi Republican Party announced that multiple county officials have joined the Republican Party this week.

This includes Lincoln County Supervisor Eddie Brown and Tippah County Supervisor Dennis Grisham. Grisham previously served as president of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors. Ripley Mayor Chris Marsalis, who won election as an independent, announced that we will run as a Republican this spring.

“I would like to welcome these public servants to the Mississippi Republican Party,” Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party said. “These officials have learned that in Mississippi you have to choose – you can either be a conservative or a Democrat. You can’t be both anymore. The Republican Party is the only true home for conservatives in Mississippi.”

“While Washington slides more to the left, Mississippians continue to stay true to the conservative values and free market principles on which America was founded,” Governor Phil Bryant said. “I believe we will continue to see more Democrat elected officials switch parties, retire, or be defeated over the next couple of years as the Republican Party continues to grow in our state.”

Since 2009, 55 former Democrats from all across Mississippi have switched to the Republican Party.

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