Phil Bryant Sworn In As Governor of Mississippi

In a ceremony that had to be moved indoors because of inclement weather, Phil Bryant was sworn in today as the 64th governor of Mississippi.

Bryant is also the first Republican to succeed a fellow Republican governor as he replaces outgoing Gov. Haley Barbour. Republicans have now won the last three gubernatorial elections and five of the last six elections since Kirk Fordice was the first Republican to win since Reconstruction in 1991.

Bryant was elected in November with 62 percent of the vote, and he would carry 60 of the state’s 82 counties- both modern day records for a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Bryant’s speech today emphasized his theme of “rising together.”

“We must dedicate ourselves to the belief that we may fall separately, but we will surely rise together,” Bryant said. “And if we are to rise together, we must do so with the inherent characteristics of Mississippi. We are a people of character who value hard work and treasure loyalty to our families, state and country.”

Bryant specifically focused on creating jobs through expanding the state’s healthcare and energy sectors, reforming and improving education, and restructuring the budget process.

You can read the entire text of Bryant’s inaugural address here.

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