Republicans Praise Bryant’s State of the State

Republicans Praise Bryant’s State of the State

JACKSON- Last night, Gov. Phil Bryant delivered his first State of the State address where he offered an ambitious list of objectives for the future of the state.

Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, remarked: “Gov. Bryant’s address was aggressive, detailed, and tackled the most difficult issues facing the state today. These proposals will provide a foundation for continued progress for our state in the face of a national recession.”

“We have begun implementing a plan that will help grow Mississippi’s economy and send our jobless back to work,” Gov. Bryant said. “A strong education system will lead to more jobs, and that is why my first State of the State Address emphasized the need for true education reform.”

Gov. Bryant’s initiatives, focusing on education, the state budget, and creating jobs, included:

– The development of charter schools, performance pay for teachers, and consolidation of non-educational duties in each county where duplication exists; along with a dual enrollment plan for high schools students who can learn vocational skills at community colleges

– Implementation of the Smart Budget Act, which has regularly passed the Senate with large majorities in the past

– Incentives for manufacturers and industrial employers to make energy efficiency upgrades, a transition of fleet automobiles to natural gas-powered cars and trucks, and exploration of natural gas reserves off the coast of Mississippi

– The creation of Medical Zones throughout the state where clusters of medical facilities and services exist; including construction tax credits, job creation incentives, and a cap on state income tax for doctors who practice in under-served communities

– A thorough review of current regulations in every state agency to determine their necessity and potential to harm job creation; while tasking the Secretary of State with reviewing the status and possible duplication of services of the state’s boards and commissions

A text of Bryant’s entire speech can be accessed here:

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