Republicans Will Have Large Presence At Neshoba

The annual Neshoba County Fair will run from July 27- August 3 with the political speaking set for Wednesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 2. Many of your Republican elected officials will be on the famous stage at Founder’s Square.

Here is the lineup of speakers:

Wednesday, August 1

9:40 am: Honorable C. Scott Bounds (R), State Rep., MS House of Rep., District 44
9:50 am: Honorable Giles Ward (R), State Senator, MS State Senate, District 18
10:00 am: Honorable Lynn Posey (R), Public Service Comm., Central Dist., State of MS
10:10 am: Honorable Dick Hall (R), Transportation Comm., Central Dist., State of MS
10:20 am: Honorable Stacey Pickering (R), State Auditor, State of MS
10:40 am: Honorable Tate Reeves (R), Lieutenant Governor, State of MS

Thursday, August 2

10:00 am: Honorable Lynn Fitch (R), State Treasurer, State of MS
10:10 am: Honorable Mike Chaney (R), Commissioner of Insurance, State of MS
10:20 am: Honorable Cindy Hyde-Smith (R), Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, State of MS
10:30 am: Honorable Philip Gunn (R), Speaker of the MS House of Representatives
10:40 am: Honorable Delbert Hosemann (R), Secretary of State, State of MS
10:50 am: Honorable Phil Bryant (R), Governor, State of MS

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