Speaker Gunn Announces House Chairmen

Today, Speaker Philip Gunn released committee assignments in the House.

“I think I have got a team here that is had working. I think I have a team that is going to be diligent. They are capable. I am very proud, I am especially pleased with the ones selected today on these committees,” Gunn said.

Here is the list of Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen.

Preston E. Sullivan – Chairman
Bill Pigott – Vice Chairman

Apportionment and Elections
Bill Denny – Chairman
Steven A. Horne – Vice Chairman

Herb Frierson – Chairman
Mac Huddleston – Vice Chairman

Banking and Financial Services
Henry Zuber III – Chairman
Lester Carpenter – Vice Chairman

Conservation and Water Resources
Jessica Upshaw – Chairman
Bryant W. Clark – Vice Chairman

Scott DeLano – Chairman
Jason White – Vice Chairman

George Flaggs, Jr. – Chairman
Robert E. Huddleston – Vice Chairman

County Affairs
Bobby Shows – Chairman
Larry Byrd – Vice Chairman

John L. Moore – Chairman
Alyce G. Clarke – Vice Chairman

Angela Cockerham – Chairman
Gary V. Staples – Vice Chairman

Enrolled Bills
Earle S. Banks – Chairman
William Shirley – Vice Chairman

Joe C. Gardner – Chairman
Manly Barton – Vice Chairman

Executive Contingent Fund
Eugene Forrest Hamilton – Chairman
James Evans – Vice Chairman

Fees and Salaries of Public Officers
John Read – Chairman
Rufus Straughter – Vice Chairman

Becky Currie – Chairman
Blaine Eaton – Vice Chairman

Richard Bennett – Chairman
Clara Burnett – Vice Chairman

Gary Chism – Chairman
Kelvin Buck – Vice Chairman

Interstate Cooperation
Tommy L. Woods – Chairman
America Chuck Middleton – Vice Chairman

Investigate State Offices
Chuck Espy – Chairman
Gene Alday – Vice Chairman

Judiciary A
Mark Baker – Chairman
Thomas U. Reynolds – Vice Chairman

Judiciary B
Andy Gipson – Chairman
Kimberly Campbell Buck – Vice Chairman

Local and Private Legislation
Joseph L. Warren – Chairman
D. Stephen Holland – Vice Chairman

Greg Snowden – Chairman

Marine Resources
Casey Eure – Chairman
Jeffrey S. Guice – Vice Chairman

Bobby B. Howell – Chairman
Sherra Hillman Lane – Vice Chairman

Military Affairs
Wanda Jennings – Chairman
Credell Calhoun – Vice Chairman

Edward Blackmon, Jr. – Chairman
David W. Myers – Vice Chairman

Ports, Harbors and Airports
Alex Monsour – Chairman
Randall Patterson – Vice Chairman

Public Health and Human Services
Sam C. Mims, V – Chairman
Toby Barker – Vice Chairman

Public Property
Tom Weathersby – Chairman
Mary H. Coleman – Vice Chairman

Public Utilities
Charles Jim Beckett – Chairman
Kevin McGee – Vice Chairman

Mark Formby – Chairman

State Library
Margaret Rogers – Chairman
Esther Harrison – Vice Chairman

Rita Martinson – Chairman
Brian Aldridge – Vice Chairman

Robert L. Johnson III – Chairman
Jerry R. Turner – Vice Chairman

Universities and Colleges
Nolan Mettetal – Chairman
Gregory Holloway – Vice Chairman

Ways and Means
Jeffrey C. Smith – Chairman
Ray Rogers – Vice Chairman

Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
C. Scott Bounds – Chairman
Ken Morgan – Vice Chairman

Workforce Development
Donnie Bell – Chairman
Bob Evans – Vice Chairman

Youth and Family Affairs
John W. Hines, Sr. – Chairman
Sara R. Thomas – Vice Chairman

You can view the entire list of each committee’s members at the legislative website.

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