Tuesday Morning Liberal Democrat Alert: Johnny Stringer

Mississippi Republican Party Tuesday Morning
Liberal Democrat Alert

It’s Tuesday morning, and that means it’s time for our weekly Liberal Democrat Alert.

This week’s feature is on Representative Johnny Stringer of House District 87. Completing the trifecta of long-time left-wing liberals, Joe Warren and Tommy Reynolds have been joined by Johnny Stringer since 1980. The last time Johnny Stringer wasn’t collecting a government paycheck in Jackson, a gallon of gas would’ve cost you just 86 cents.

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Back in 1979, when Johnny Stringer was first elected, unemployment was at 6.1%. Today the unemployment rate is 9.1%, but there are a few things we still have in common: the President of the United States, Democrats just like Johnny Stringer, couldn’t get folks back to work.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that Johnny Stringer co-sponsored HC 64, a 2009 resolution that requested government “stimulus” money for the liberals in Jackson to spend. At least one thing is clear: Johnny Stringer loves spending your money, no matter whether it comes from your federal taxes or your taxes right here at home.

If you or someone you know is ready to take a stand against Johnny Stringer and the liberal Democrats, contact the Mississippi Republican Party today at 601-948-5191.

You can also help us elect a conservative in House District 87 this November by making a donation to the Mississippi Republican Party. Help us win House District 87 with a small but generous contribution of $8.70 today. We need your support to elect a Republican majority on November 8 and a Republican Speaker of the House next January.

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